Attachment to the application for the school

Information to parents regarding Fresvik EnSpire school

Attachment to the application for the school year of 2020/2021

  • Fresvik EnSpire School has been granted permit by the The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training to run a private school in Fresvik, grade 1. – 7. – with the prerequisite of the school building we now rent from Vik Municipality being approved by the authorities, and that qualified teachers are recruited.
  • Fresvik EnSpire School will be a school for all. The school will be free of costs for all parents and with no tuition fees charged. Fresvik EnSpire School receives state funding equal to public schools.
  • The core curriculum to the EnSpire Schools is very similar to the public-school core curriculum. The pupils will work towards the same academic goals and have the quality framework with same academic tests and evaluations as the public school. And Fresvik EnSpire school will place at least as much emphasis on the core subjects Mathematics and Norwegian as the public school do.
  • The largest difference between the public core curriculum and EnSpire Schools’ curriculum is that EnSpire emphasizes learning through practical and creative experience, where cooperation with local businesses and local society play a central role.
  • We will advertise for teacher positions and a headmaster position shortly. Pupils who are entitled special education will be guaranteed this in cooperation with Vik Municipality.
  • Since Fresvik EnSpire School is a private school, the parents must apply on behalf of their children for admission to the school. Hence, we distribute an application form to all parents to children of school age up to 7. Grade. The application form will also be available on Fresvik EnSpire Schools’ web page that will be accessible shortly. The application deadline is 6th The School Board will grant admission by 9th March. The parents must accept or reject the granted admission for their child/children within 30th March. Information to the parents including a revised 2-3 year operative budget for Fresvik EnSpire School will be sent out shortly.
  • All pupils in Norway, both in public and private schools, are protected by the the Education Act and other parliament acts and directives. Hence, pupils have the same rights regardless of what school they attend, and the state authorities control both private and public schools.
  • All pupils have the right to attend a public school. Considering there is no longer a public school in Fresvik, and the closes public school is Feios, we hope to offer a good alternative through Fresvik EnSpire school, as a good school and a school for the future.


For questions, please contact Chairman of the School Board, Bjørg Fritsvold, tlf. 95848870      e-post: .